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SIM card alarm

It can be said that this type of alarm is a combination of video alarms and tracker (GPS) and has all the capabilities of video alarms, plus a software that is installed on your phone to show the current location of the car.

This software, which has a similar tracking capability, can also be used as a remote. In such a way that all commands such as the command to lock and unlock the door can be sent to the alarm. You can also turn off the car by sending a command code. For example, if your car is stolen, you can turn it off remotely. But in order to avoid the risk of an accident, this command is executed when the speed of the car is lower than 20 km.

Another feature of SIM card alarms is that if your remote or switch is left in the car and the alarm locks automatically, you can open the doors through the software and you will not have to worry about it. Also, when the alarm sounds, your phone will receive a message alerting you.

One of the best SIM card alarms is the SIM card alarm.

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